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I am a writer, photographer and an online publisher. My name is Otatade Okojie i have worked with the S.I Leeds prize, been published by Ct adams,Booksie, Barnes and noble and much more. I have worked with Company Magazine, Bfm part of the BFI, G3 Magazine, and Yahoo. Ihave also built my own photography company, which was commissioned for photography of Prince Charles, FA Cup, Red pr who have worked with Sony, and the head for business organisation. I am currently looking for, fresh, talented voices, as publishing is emerging i want to create a platform for new, published and up and coming writers, with quality work. I have an extensive background in PR and Marketing which stretches over a ten year bracket. This company is not just about me, it’s about you , the creative public. My blog made over a million hits on google, with over a thousand followers online. Redebony on blogger has over 174, 000 hits were trying to bring this to close to a billion so there is a mass audience. We look forward to exploring the depths of creativity and your imaginations.

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