How to be a blockbusting bestselling authour

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Creative writing is about tapping into your inner explorer and inventing a world with dynamic characters to captivate. Whether your scared of your words, or the blank page leaves you stranded, pen. Start making some notes, the pen is mightier than the sword and the brain is an exceptional computer. Utilise it, tap into it, harness all that creative energy from the exciting and non exciting things that happen in your day. Issues which provoke a reaction in you, discussions , debates, fill the opage with your own inner voice. It is your unique selling point, if you train it, it will have the precision odf a surgeon, like a friend it will like you, and like a business it will make you a turnover. If you learn to capitalise on other areas of writing, such as learning how to promote yourself at events, i.e the south bank centre, a hub of creativity, the online book and creative writing sites such as nook affiliated with Barnes and Noble, Amazon Kindle, Booksie, Authonomy, poetry sites. Practice, practice,practice. Pitch your blurb to yourself would you buy your book? Have you had your book edited? Do you have an agent and are you doing your own research on how to enter such prizes as the S.I leeds prize.

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How is your dialogue? structure, chemistry between your two characters ? Do you plan to network at book socials, and the bookfair to get your skills going? Do you plan to apply for mentorship from people such as the flight scheme, or is it your agenda to use your blog, website or podcast to reach your audience. Sell your charisma as a writer iif you do, be impressionable, support other writers, maybe you can ask them for a front cover quote.  Motivate yourself, research your topic thouroughly , utilise social networks such as facebook, twitter, hubpages, promote your work on competition sites, get an audience. That’s right.

Many of us in the hurry to get published, forget to think about target audience, they matter, their beliefs matter, their dreams and their opinions matter. Are you writing for a niche or a mass audience, know what their needs are. Have a structure, but most of all enjoy the process, you are an orange unravelling, peeling, a piece of art preparing a display. Art is expression, you are a creator, express.

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