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Secrets and lies
What a surprise
Hiding the truth can be murder….
How far will you go for someone you barely know?
In university Jessica Sampson has spotlight for being a know it all. Bright as a spark, stubborn and witty.
Unlike the other ‘mannequins’ at school Jess’s quest to be top of her game is a tried one. Something threatens her perfect order. A secret that’s eating up her sanity.
Locked out from your own existence, how do you begin to let the world in…? Roberto ‘red’ Madison has been sitting on a landmine. A phobia that’s consumed any attempts at real intimacy for years. Jessica Sampsons ‘Jimmy knows it all ways’ are far from Reds pleasure. In the Madison family you’re not a genius till you a billionaire.
In his spare time Red’s focuses on building his own business projects. Icarus Independent a small shipping firm, and Rise his new global marketing have been getting in the way of uni work. No more distractions are needed.

Yet when one drunken mistake lands Jess and Red in the same bed.. In the same room. Roberto soon becomes both impressed and intrigued with this new fascination.
He’s finally found a woman worth every ounce of drama.
Or has he?
Beneath that cool mystique lies a scandalous secret and getting familiar could come at a price

How far would he go to protect someone he barely knows?

“It looks like red wine,” she said running her hands through it.
“I’ve been stabbed and it looks like red wine.” She threaded her
Hands through the dark liquid. It wasn’t red wine. It was blood
.Leaking from her stomach, coating a once perfectly maintained
Carpet. She’d wanted no stains. Idiot! No mess. His words were
Like gibberish, a tape on fast forward or frozen in rewind. Were
There even sounds in this place?
He was a fish trapped in a giant bowl. There were no statues, or
leafery. No seabed, just the quickening pace of death. Jessica
shivered against the soft carpet, her blue eyes, marble, sinking
Into themselves. It was so cold in here, yet an ice cream van
Sang merrily beneath an orange sun outside. The shivers had
worked rhythmically, vibrating within, a Mexican wave of jerking,
Chills and a pain that numbed logic.
“I’m dying aren’t I?”It was a whisper. Red covered his mouth. He
Wet his lips, yet everything still tasted like sawdust.
How does that happen? What happened? Scissors, somehow she fell
Off the bed and landed, did she land on the scissors? Razor
Sharp, the ones with the coldest blade. Where was I? The
Questions ran riot in his head. His blood continued to pump with
Panic. Air, there’s no air here.
“I’ve sent margella to call the ambulance” Ambulance is coming
Good. Nee naw, nee naw, ambulance would be here soon..
“I wanted it to be noisy when I died,” she croaked. “Sit with
He shook his head stubbornly, “this shit isn’t happening to me
again, like this. It’s not fair.” The blood had reached the foot
of the bed. “It was the scissors wasn’t it!” He was sobbing now.
“You told me to be brave, get the sharp things out, stop
punishing myself!” Salt tears mixed in with the blood on the
cherry carpet. Open windows. Open all windows. His footsteps
paced maniacally, quickly transporting himself from one edge of
the room to another. Still very far from her.
“You told me to get rid of the mirrors, so I did!” He barked “It
would be selfish for you to die on me!” It was a warped
conclusion, but it was the one he needed right now. His hands
trembled, like the very bone itself would rip from its socket.
Making him a puddle of skin, and eyes. There would be no hand
holding. Holding someone’s hand was an invite to leave.
“I warned you about me. These strange things happen I told you!”
He lowered himself slowly to the floor, ignoring the damp mess of
“My names not red cuz it’s my favourite colour,” he combed his
hands through her tangle of soft brown hair. “People keep dying
on me, and nobody knows why.” There was no ambulance. Like last
time. “Dying is selfish, I thought you were a nice person” he
joked “think of all the counselling I’ll have to go through.” He
ran his hands over her eyes, sealing them from the world. He’d
never liked anyone, let alone loved them. Every meaningful
conversation he’d ever had consisted of her being a Jimmy knows
it all. The pain was like a samurai sword. Once again there was
no one. He pressed his lips gently into her ear. “If you come
back, I can pretend to be a real person. I love you, it sucks
that I always say it too late. Your right I’m someone that can’t
make my mind up,” he paused, before leaning into her ear once
more. “I deserve the chance to screw things up again, please.
We’d have really smart good looking children.” Nothing.
The door was thrust open. The two men hurried in from the
ambulance, their green uniform and stretcher foreign here. It
felt like time had stopped. Her small frame dangled loosely unto
the black stretcher. It was like watching a giant sized doll.
Watching dazed and numb, frozen and in-between .Roberto knew his
body parts were too paralysed to move. His room had been turned
into a stage, and Jess had done her final scene. As if by some
trick of fate, ambulance guy stopped shuffling the stretcher.
“What’s going on?”
“She’s opened her eyes,” ambulance guy two pressed his
forefingers to her skin.

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